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Established by Eric Josefson and Justin Heisig, The Burn Down Podcast is a weekly podcast featuring captivating personalities and dialogues. The Burn Down Podcast podcast offers something for everyone. Our primary commitment is to foster positivity. We eschew discussions involving gossip, news, politics, and similar topics. Instead, our aim is to motivate, inspire, uplift, and add value to the lives of our viewers and listeners—all while enjoying a fine cigar!

The Burn Down Podcast is more than just a podcast; it's a convergence point centered around one timeless tradition: the cigar. Regardless of your background, beliefs, or appearance, cigars serve as the universal language that unites us all. Our platform is designed to transport the intimate conversations found in cigar lounges to a broader online audience. Moreover, we aim to enrich your understanding of cigars, enhance your enjoyment of them, and optimize your overall cigar experience.


Whether you're an aficionado or simply curious, we invite you to join our community. We appreciate your visit to our website and thank you for your support. God bless!





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